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Development of proteomics for clinical biomarkers for early detection and treatment of cancer is now focused on two approaches:

  • Identifying signature patterns of proteins in various diseases.
  • Validating the association of signature proteins with cancer.

Biomarkers can be used as early screening and diagnostic tool, monitoring clinical efficacy of therapy, and predicting patient’s response to new treatment.

Potential advancements in Proteomics

Proteome is highly complex and variable since cells are continually modifying proteins as they are produced. Proteins are present in body in a range of concentrations for example Albumin (protein in blood used for transporting fatty acids, hormones) is present in billion times more than Interleukin-6 ( protein which stimulates immune system). Also it is not possible to amplify proteins like DNA amplification.

Analytical techniques like mass spectroscopy and protein microarrays must be improved and calibrated to get accurate and reproducible results of the complex proteome.

Research laboratories must standardize procedures for collection and storage of samples, processing clinical samples, conducting experiments and data analysis.

Proteomics offers great promise for early detection, screening and classification of different types of cancers. Deciphering the molecular signatures of cancer could form the basis of right combination of therapies customized for each patient.

Proteomic technology is being explored for potential use in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Early detection is critical for successful treatment of cancer. The sooner is the detection of disease, better are the chances of patient living a longer healthy life.

Glossary of proteomics terms.

Telomerase is an enzyme not found in normal cells, only cancerous ones. Inhibitors could be selective ways to attack cancer cells. Somewhat related is the orphan drugs program set up to help find drugs for rare diseases.

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