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  • Don't avoid me. Be the friend or loved one you have always been.

  • Treat me as you always have; I am the same person now as before I became ill.

  • Touch me. A simple squeeze of my hand can tell me how much you care.

  • Call me to tell me you're bringing my favorite dish. Bring food in disposable containers, so I won't have to worry about returns.

  • Cry with me when I cry. Laugh with me when I laugh. Don't be afraid to share this with me.

  • Take me out for an afternoon, but know my limitations.

  • Call me before you visit, but don't be afraid to visit. I am often lonely.

  • Send me a message you've taped so I can hear your voice or a video tape so I can see your face.

  • Help my family. I am sick, but they may be suffering.

  • Don't tell me not to worry.

  • Don't deny me a chance to make decisions with my family.

  • Bring me a positive attitude. It's catching!

  • Tell me what you'd like to do for me and, when I agree, do it!


Adapted from a publication of the Cancer Information Service of Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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