Former MP criticized for telling public that asbestos is not a threat

Rochdale, England, UK – A former Member of Parliament has received a lot of criticisms of late for publicly stating that the general public does not face any dangers from asbestos at the moment.

Manchester Central MP Tony Lloyd has condemned Sir Cyril Smith for speaking the statement which he says is misleading to the people of Rochdale. Mr. Lloyd, a former Turner Brothers employee, said he was among thousands of workers who Sir Cyril falsely claimed were aware of the risks of working with asbestos, pointing out the number of worker deaths that have resulted from asbestos exposure.

He also added that he was willing to engage in a debate with Sir Cyril on the subject of the threat of asbestos to the public. Mr. Lloyd said he can't seem to understand how a former MP of a town that has been tragically affected by the material is telling the public that there is no need for concern, and he believes the town is owed an apology by their former leader.

Following Mr. Lloyd's comments, there was also controversy over an attempt by Liberal Democrats to prevent his views from being heard by the public. A member from the party's communication team had contacted the news outlet that had run his remarks in an article and threatened them with legal actions, claiming that Mr. Lloyd's office had not approved of the news article.

However, the MP's office clarified that the comments cited in the article were authorized, and Mr. Lloyd himself verbally attacked the Liberal Democrats for attempting to keep his views from being heard.

Some politicians have called it a case of attempted media bullying.

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