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Good caregiving usually requires a team of people, each with different skills and perspectives. The health care team, composed of doctors, nurses, dietitians, pain management specialists and social workers bring professional expertise to the patient, but family members and friends are also important contributors to the team. As a caregiver, it is important to work cooperatively with other members of the team, but not to take on the entire role themselves. Other family members can also be involved, and a distribution of tasks can be made based on what each person does best.


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Research Make a list of topics to be researched either by phone or on the internet. Sometimes mesothelioma patients are given minimal information about their diagnosis or the availability of mesothelioma treatment methods. Since elderly patients may not have access to a computer, they will welcome the additional information.
Listening Allow the mesothelioma patient to express their concerns and fears. Psychologists feel that the most effective caregiving is based on non-judgmental communication. Listening is an extremely powerful tool in helping patients come to terms with and move forward from a mesothelioma diagnosis.
Activities Offer to help the mesothelioma patient by running errands or doing other things that are more difficult now that they are ill or are undergoing treatment. Keep in mind, however, that it is equally important to encourage the patient to keep active to whatever extent they are able.
Organization Help the patient get their affairs in order. This can mean anything from helping with bill paying, correspondence or taxes, to seeing that the patient has advance directives and wills in place.

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