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A cancer “caregiver” refers to an individual who has a personal connection and commitment to someone who has cancer, and who provides care outside of a hospital setting. Following are some statistics based on a survey done by The University of Pennsylvania Family Caregiver Cancer Education Program.

Caregivers Are. . .

82% are female.
71% are married.
61% have been providing care for less than six months.
54% live with the patient for whom they are caring.
47% are more than 50 years old.
36% reported that caregiving required more than 40 hours of time per week.

Physical Problems They Encountered. . .

70% reported taking between 1 and 10 medications per day.
62% reported their own health had suffered as a result of caregiving.
25% reported having significant physical limitations of their own.

Emotional Problems They Encountered. . .

85% reported that they resented having to provide care.
70% reported that their families were not working well together.
54% reported that they visited friends and family less since assuming their caregiving role.
35% reported that they were overwhelmed by their caregiving role.

Nevertheless. . .

97% said their roles were important.
81% said they wanted to provide care and could not live with themselves if they did not assume caregiving responsibilities.
67% said they enjoyed providing care.

Financially. . .

46% reported inadequate financial resources.

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